Potsdam is the Brandenburg state’s capital. Sanssouci is the most famous of 13 Potsdam palaces – on your private tour, let me show you some enchanted corners of all the parks, see palaces hidden from the visitors’ main tracks. Prussian kings copied international styles: China, Italy, Spain, Egypt, France…only here you’ll find artificial villaes in Dutch style (famous Dutch Quarter) or in Russian style (Alexandrowka). Palaces, parks and gardens are Potsdam’s highlights. It also has a lovely old city center!

Up for a countryside trip? The state of Brandenburg has a lot to offer. Manor houses, forests, lakes, a ship lift at Niederfinow, monastery ruin of Chorin, or the jungle landscape in Spreewald forest. Live your Brandenburg concerto!

Stand-Up Paddling on a Brandenburg Lake


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