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  1. Janna offered our group a fascinating exploration of Berlin from various angles. She brilliantly covered the city’s more distant and most recent history. She touched on the subjects of Jewish Berlin, the rise of Nazism, the Holocaust and the Cold War, linking all these themes one to another and presenting them in a dynamic and engaging fashion. Her passion for Berlin is very evident. She made us all wonder when we’re going to be back… May 2019, Berlin part of a Holocaust Study Tour, Dr. Shay Pilnik, Executive Director, Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center HERC, Milwaukee, USA

  2. Dear Janna, Thank you for a great experience. We have a saying in US. Listening to you was like trying to get a drink from a firehose. So much information that some just blew by us. That is a wonderful compliment! We all learned so much today! My new learning just confirmed my opinion that German people are good, honest, and compassionate…and willing to learn from mistakes. Again, many thanks from the H.-S. family. We will keep in touch! Oh, if you have any ideas on how I can find Herr Stein’s grave, please let me know. Sincerely, Ellen H., USA, June 2019

  3. Janna speaks flawless English. She’s very prepared and comprehensive in her presentations with an iPad and keeps the tour so interesting despite the hot weather. Her understanding of German politics and history is amazing, just like Wikipedia. We hope to see her again someday for a longer visit because we know we have barely scratched the surface of her wide grasp of Germany, not just Berlin. June 2019, a Philippine family with three youths.

  4. Liebe Janna, wir möchten uns noch einmal ganz herzlich bei dir für die unglaublich interessante Führung gestern bedanken! Das von dir Erzählte hat uns sehr beschäftigt und wird nicht vergessen werden. Den Türken in Kreuzberg haben wir nicht mehr besucht, da wir einfach vom Mittagessen noch zu satt waren. Es gab dann eine Kleinigkeit in der Ferienwohnung. Heute steht bei Christina und mir nach dem Mittagessen im Reichstag „Shopping“ bei Bikini Berlin auf dem Programm. Es war sehr schön, dich zu treffen! Herzliche Grüße von uns Dreien. Birgit L., Karlsruhe, Führung durchs jüdische Berlin mit Museum Blindenwekstatt Otto Weidt, April 2019

  5. Entertaining, captivating, spellbinding, educating, connecting, surprising, relating. Confident, knowledgeable, friendly, attentive, organised, flexible, honest, factual, articulate, accommodating. What more could you wish for?! Book a tour and delve right into your adventure Berlin, the diamond with sparkles and shadows. Enjoy! Vera B., New Zealand, 2019

  6. I recently had a group of university students on a Holocaust Study Tour to Berlin and then on to Poland. Janna accompanied us throughout the visit. She is not only highly knowledgeable, but was able to tailor her information to our group, altered what she was discussing to answer our questions, and made sure the learning style was appropriate to our needs. All our transfers were seamless, and she was like a second mom to the students. They loved her! You could not do better than to choose Janna to support your travels in Berlin and beyond. Rhonda S., Modern History professor at STFX University, Canada, February 2019

  7. Guten Morgen Janna! Vielen Dank für deine E-mail. Ich gehe bestimmt heute um 15 Uhr zum Reichstag. Es war sehr nett von dir, meine Restaurant-Reservierung zu machen. Ich möchte dir auch nochmals für deine Privattour durch Berlin danken. Ich habe viel gelernt, gesehen, und erlebt. Es war viel spaß, besonders mit dir auf Deutsch zu sprechen. Liebe Grüße, Charles

  8. Liebe Janna, unser Abend im Kabarett war sehr amüsant. Alle waren sich aber einig, deine Tour war das Highlight des Wochenendes. Vielen Dank für deine kompetente Führung und deine unkomplizierte Art, die uns Berlin näher gebracht hat und auch uns die Möglichkeit gab, uns besser kennenzulernen. Wir melden uns sehr gern, wenn es wieder in Richtung Berlin geht. Herzliche Grüße, Ute Sch., HapagLLoyd, Februar 2019

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