Literatur- und Filmtipps

Diese Liste mit Literatur- und Filmtipps zu Berlin ist rein subjektiv und unvollständig.


  • The Counterfeits, on forgery of British pounds in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
  • The Downfall / Der Untergang – Hitler’s last weeks in the bunker
  • Blind Spot – Hitler’s secretary  / Im toten Winkel – interview with Traudl Junge
  • Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds: filmed in Claerchen’s Ballhaus
  • Stauffenberg – German film which was copied by Tom Cruise in Valkyrie


  • Anthony Beevor: The Downfall – Berlin 1945 on battle of Berlin
  • Joachim Fest: Not me – a German Childhood / Ich nicht, growing up in Nazi Germany
  • Philip Kerr: Berlin Noir – crime stories in and after Third Reich (total of about 8 Bernie Gunther novels, all great)
  • Pierre Frei: Berlin. A novel –  crime story in and after Third reich
  • Judith Kerr: When Hitler stole pink rabbit, daughter of Alfred Kerr describes emigration
  • Anonyma: A woman in Berlin. Woman surviving post-war Berlin. True story.
  • Gad Beck: An Underground Life. autobiography of Jewish gay communist
  • H.-J. Massaquoi, Destined to witness (Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger): autobiography of black boy in Nazi Germany, he became head of „Ebony“ magazine later
  • Madeleine Albright, Winter in Prague (her family history, Theresienstadt, Heydrich, CSSR)
  • Inge Deutschkron, Your name is Sarah. A Jewish girl on her youth in Nazi times
  • Erik Larson: In the Garden of Beasts. Non-fiction on US ambassador W. Dodd around Hitler’s rise.
  • W. Michael Blumenthal: The Invisible Wall. His own Jewish-German family history over centuries.
  • Sven Reichard: Damals nach dem Krieg
  • Wolfgang Brenner: Zwischen Ende und Anfang: Nachkriegsjahre in Deutschland
  • Rochus Misch: Der letzte Zeuge / Hitler’s last witness (bio of bunker witness)


  • Anna Funder: Stasiland – stories from behind the Wall. Australian explores East German Stasi victims and perpetrators.
  • Jane Kramer: Eine Amerikanerin in Berlin


  • One Two Three – best Berlin comedy by Billy Wilder
  • The life of the others / Das Leben der anderen – Oscar-winner on life in the GDR under Stasi surveillance
  • Mauerhase – Wall Rabbits; fantastic metaphor of dictatorships: documentary on life of rabbits between the Berlin walls
  • 12 means I love you – 12 heisst Ich liebe dich – true story – Stasi prisoner and her interrogator fall in love ( they’re married today)
  • Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg, on spy exchange 1962 Gary Powers – Richard Abel


  • Victoria – great „Berlin today“ – movie filmed in a single take
  • Michael Ballhaus, In Berlin, 2009: famous director of photography’s love declaration on Berlin